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Agency Approach: Rising Tide Media

August 1, 2018

Agency Approach is a monthly feature here at Marketing Island. Every other month we get down and dirty with a different renowned agency from across the globe. In a bid to uncover new wisdom and opinion, we speak to some of the best professionals in our diverse industry. Touching upon individual approaches to industry wide issues, valuable knowledge, innovative case studies and unique insights, we endeavour to well and truly... spill the beans.


Rising Tide are a marketing agency based in Hampshire (you can give them a follow on Twitter here!) Priding themselves on agile working, Rising Tide Media specialise in PR, Marketing, Content and Copywriting. Specialising in authority marketing, Rising Tide position their clients as experts within their fields. Founded by Kerri Watt, we introduce to you, Rising Tide Media Agency.


Rising Tide on... getting under the skin of a defined audience.


Marketing Island: A defined marketing strategy is important. Whether it’s a social media strategy, a print strategy or a email strategy, understanding a precise demographic is the key to resonating with an audience. To gain insight from segmented audiences, at Marketing Island, we live by one rule: ‘walk a mile in their shoes’. This motto ensures we inherently understand a consumer's needs and thought process when coming up with new campaigns.


What’s your trick when it comes to insightfully understanding an audience in order to implement a well thought through strategy?


Rising Tide: The best way for us to dive into someone’s mind is to reach out and ask them. Even when we’re experienced and have our strategies we are often surprised by the audience reactions so we never stop testing, asking and reminding ourselves of the feedback. We often have framed goals or post-it notes on our desks to remind us of what we’re looking to achieve.


Rising Tide on… how marketing differs within the hospitality industry.


Marketing Island: As Founder of Rising Tide, we understand you have a background in hospitality marketing. We have a little soft spot for hospitality. We love how it lends itself to fun and authentic marketing such as user generated campaigns and social media.


We are always after new hints and tips and would love to know your number one piece of advice for client-side hospitality marketers?


Rising Tide: Like any product, you cannot be everything to everyone. Get to know your offering and who you want to visit your establishment and only market to those people. Most hotel sales and marketing teams have bigger advertising than they need. Spend time leveraging your existing customers loyalty, invest in social media content and invite big-name media to stay in exchange for a review and you won’t need to advertise again.


Rising Tide on... creating stand out content to pitch to journalists.


Marketing Island: Press coverage is important for exposure and raising a brands profile. However, with so many companies fighting for the hot spot or featured article, what’s your trick for writing and pitching content to journalists that stands out in such a saturated inbox?


Rising Tide: If you want your email read it must have an enticing subject line. Most people make the mistake of making it utterly dull for the recipient leaving your email unopened. A good subject line would be “Story idea: Café crowd funds to pay staff”. This tells journalists I’m sending an idea for them to feature and they know immediately what the story is. If it’s of interest, they’ll read on.


Once someone opens your email it must continue to keep their interest. Don’t bore the editor or journalist with your life story. Send your idea and a tiny background or why you are the right person to speak on the topic. Keep it short, keep it simple. 


The recipient needs to know you have done your research. Make sure whoever you are pitching your business to that you have researched them, and you know your idea is a great fit for their audience. There’s nothing worse than receiving a generic email you know has been copied and pasted to 200 people.


Rising Tide on… being an agency of the times.


Marketing Island: We’ve spotted, as an agency, you pride yourself on flexible and remote working. We’re all for this and feel the nature of ‘work’ in recent times should be reconsidered. Ensuring a team feels valued, trusted and motivated can only mean one thing: better outputs.


How does Rising Tide Agency demonstrate this kind of work on a day-to-day basis?


Rising Tide: Our team regularly say we are the best agency they have ever worked with. A happy team means loyalty, great work and results for our clients. We’re a small agency with most of the team working remotely.


We put processes in place to ensure the model works. We have project progress calls, use Slack to communicate and keep our work in one place, and we communicate deadlines and expectations.


The team know what needs to be done and they fit it around their lifestyle. The team are trusted to deliver without micro managing. If they don’t work 9-5 that’s fine, none of us do!


Rising Tide on... having a female founder.


Marketing Island: As a female founder in an industry that sees the majority of senior, management and CEO roles filled by males, what words of advice would you give to other women with aspirations of launching businesses and organisations? What piece of mentor advice would you give to anyone starting a small agency, a tech start-up or online business?


Rising Tide: Never be paralysed by fear.


"Fear is all in your mindset. Be clear on your goals and surround yourself with people who will lift you up and help you get there and you will succeed. Be a shepherd, not a sheep." 


Launching as a virtual agency so we had no start-up costs, wages or expensive office overheads to cover while we found our feet. The model will evolve over time and that’s the beauty of starting your own business, you can take it anywhere you want to go.

Got more questions for Rising Tide Media or fancy a chat, you can shoot them a message here.


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