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#1MinuteRead: The gin-gorithm, no ordinary algorithm

February 2, 2018


Now, today we really do have something special to share. Wait for it ladies and gentlemen... this one's a gooden.


On Friday the 2nd of February Gordon's Gin launched a new forward thinking algorithm that ensured all commuters leaving Waterloo train station started their weekend with a bang.


Their innovative (and praiseworthy) algorithm monitors train delays in and out of Waterloo. The more delays, the cheaper their gin costs. What an idea. It's simple, yet genius. It's Friday, everyones tired, everyone wants to get home, and South West trains are notoriously delayed; it doesn't take a research analyst to work that one out.


Gordon's new algorithm combines cumulative minutes of delay with levels of Twitter buzz to pinpoint the moments when a free G&T will be most welcome. So the longer a commuter has to wait, the cheaper a G&T becomes; hosted at the Slug & Lettuce in the station itself.

Algo geek or not, everyone can appreciate a free G&T on a Friday, right? To find out more, follow Gordon's on Twitter here. Or visit the website at to cash in on the free booze.


We told you this one was special - happy Friday everyone!🍸


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