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New Year, New Blog Goals

January 3, 2018


Hey loyal Islanders 👋


This post is slightly different to usual, but we just wanted to give you a little update on where we're at and what we've been up to.


So firstly, a little bit of love... Marketing Island did it! We’re super proud and want to thank everyone who voted for our blog in the UK Blog Awards. We have been shortlisted from thousands of entries to a category of only 7! We will now be attending the UK Blog Awards ceremony where judges will decide on the final winners. Whether we win or not, we are so happy of what we have already achieved in less than a year. WE’RE FINALISTS IN THE UK Blog Awards 🎉  What a way to start 2018!


Secondly, this week we got involved with #Bloghour on Twitter (9pm on Tuesdays). We thought it might be nice to publish our answers here for you to get a deeper insight into the inner workings of Marketing Island. So, here goes:


1) Is growing your blog one of your top priorities for 2018? (If not, why not?)


We'd love to see our blog grow - we are so proud of what we have achieved so far, the only way is up! This blog began with two girls who share the same passion. We both work full time in Marketing and would often find ourselves coming across new and valuable insights, but doing nothing with it! We would bombard each other with interesting marketing information daily, and soon realised we could create a home for this knowledge. We both enjoy writing and get a buzz from sharing our opinions. So naturally, Marketing Island was born. 


Our main goal for 2018 is to inspire others while also building a community of passionate marketers. Growing certainly is a top priority of ours and we will fit it in around our full time jobs whenever we can. We're passionate about what we do, love getting new ideas and most of all, we love sharing what we do with everyone else. 


New Year, new blog goals!


2) Which online platform do you use the most to grow your blog?


We find Twitter and LinkedIn are best.


Twitter is great for communicating with like-minded bloggers and brands. It's also great for getting our name and brand out there. We find twitter gives us a platform to educate others. We work hard in our day jobs to gain insightful knowledge, it is important to us that we share these insights with other marketers.


LinkedIn is great for when we want to promote new blog posts and content. We both have a strong network of likeminded individuals who often engage with our work.


We also share our content on sites such as StumbleUpon and Digg. We find these fun ways to throw our work out into the big wide world. These platforms are great for attracting new readers.


Lastly, with every new post, we send out an email. We don't want our loyal Islanders to miss any juicy info.


We've been asked why we haven't branched our social media efforts onto platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Two things. For us, first and foremost we are a blog. We write, and we share. It's simple. We want it to stay this way, and we want to stay authentic. We believe investing in Instagram might be a waste of valuable time resources. We don't feel the nature of the photo-sharing platform will work in favour of our 'copy-heavy' brand. We wouldn't want to start an Instagram account just to post inauthentic stock imagery. We wouldn't want to become forceful or boring and don't want to take away from what we are really about.  


And for Facebook? Well, we hope 2018 will be the year we see this materialise. We finally have enough valuable content to begin sharing on Facebook, so this is exciting... now we just need to find the time.


3) What's the one thing that's holding you back from growing your blog?


Time, for sure!


As mentioned, we both have full time jobs and live in different parts of the UK (so rely on WhatsApp A LOT!). It's sometimes hard to find a spare 5 minutes to put our heads together. We often find ourselves proof reading each others new articles at 11pm.


We hope in the future we will have grown Marketing Island enough that we can work on it full time. We'd love to build a community of contributors and writers and become a vast hub of knowledge at the heart of the marketing industry. Social Media Today... we're coming for ya. 


4) What's your one big goal for 2018?


We want to help influence both experienced and budding marketers. We want to continue to shout about how fun and interesting marketing can be. We both find ourselves inspired every day. Whether it's from something we overhear at work, an article we see on Facebook or an interesting ad on the tube.


We'd like to continue with the nature of how we currently work together. We write about things that inspire us and we hope inspire others. We'd love to do more collaboration work in 2018, this is something we have recently started touching upon. We believe it could be very beneficial for our growth. So if you're interested in any form of working together then holla, we're on the look out for guest bloggers and contributors.


5) What resources would you love to have to grow your blog?


A beach outside our door with two sun beds, umbrellas and beach desks for us to work at. Just for some writing inspiration... you know 🌴



What to look out for from Marketing Island in 2018.


We are full steam ahead and have lots of exciting content coming your way. We're trying hard to get lots of interesting posts written to brighten up everyone's January blues. We've got upcoming posts on Millennials, TripAdvisor and Micro VS Macro Influencers, so keep your eyes peeled Islanders!


P.S We'd love to hear other bloggers goals for 2018, so please do get in touch. Reply in the comments below or DM us on Twitter!


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