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Take part in a Design Sprint with the British Red Cross & help change lives, ya'll.

December 15, 2017

It's christmas... we're getting in the festive spirit by teaming up with Sprint Valley, a forward thinking psychology and consulting service.


This post might be a little different to what you're used to seeing here. Never the less, it's just as important (if not more)!


Sprint Valley is a consulting and Design Sprint service currently working with the British Red Cross. They're working on a pretty cool project and, wait for it... they need you.


Fellow marketers, psychologists and design thinkers, you're up! 


Want to take part in a day of brain storming and idea generating? We need 40 participants to help save lives. The British Red Cross need the help of our kind of people to come up with new ideas on how they can change the world. 


It's 8 hours, in a room, with brilliant minds. It's a whole bunch of fun but extremely rewarding (we can personally vouch for that). Find our more in our guest post, from Sprint Valley's Psychology Consultant Luke Battye.👇


(Or, if you're already sold, sign up here).


GH & BH x

It’s tough out there.

Global warming. Syria. Myanmar. Rohingya. Election interference. Brexit. Trump — it doesn’t stop. Now imagine being a charity trying to cut through the noise.

Imagine having hours to respond to a new humanitarian crisis because you know, if you’re not the first charity to ‘own’ that short-lived swell of public interest, the chances of you securing life-saving donations fade faster than you can say fake news. Welcome to the daily struggles of the British Red Cross.


What would you do?


So as a charity what are your choices? Well, you can stock pile video footage and photography to help you turn out appeal campaigns in less time. You can organise for agility and get your team focused on innovation to find new ways to get your campaigns seen and heard. You can employ trend watchers to try and get early warning on issues so you’re ready to respond when the issue breaks. All of these innovations have transformed campaign performance. But there’s still more untapped knowledge that could be applied.


How we're gonna change things up.
We introduce to you: Design Thinking / Service Design / Experience Design

Design Thinking


First up is the Design Thinking community. A human-centric, ‘learn by doing’ mindset that emphasises action over discussion, iterative design, smart problem solving and a focus on designing solutions with the people you’re designing for (in this case the donors).


Applied Psychology & Behavioural Economics

The second is Applied Psychology — whether we’re calling it behavioural economics, nudge, social sciences or choice architecture — I’m talking about the process of applying psychological insights to create shifts in people’s behaviour (in this case donating).

So how might we fuse these two fields together to help the British Red Cross shift the performance of their crisis appeals?


Welcome to Mindjam.

The idea is simple. Fill a room with brilliant minds, give them a fast, one-day problem solving process and try to make a dent on a high impact issue for a charity.

Our inaugural Mindjam will focus on the British Red Cross, helping them improve their performance of their crisis appeals.


So how exactly is this going to work?

There is space to bring together 40 people to work on this problem. Aiming for half psychologists and half design thinkers so if you fit the bill, or know someone who does — get in touch below.

The day will run 9am to 5pm on Friday 2nd February (food, drink and celebratory beers will be provided) and we’ll be using a customised design sprint methodology to help teams:

  • Unpack the problem

  • Share insights and perspectives

  • Develop potential solutions

  • Prototype their strongest ideas

  • Test them out with real donors at the end of the day

We want to leave the British Red Cross with a raft of fresh thinking, new ideas and a handful of winning solutions with the potential to impact how they raise funds for the people who need it most.

Remember, perfection is the enemy of done, the day’s about sharing knowledge and finding new ways to apply it.


What am I going to get out of it?

You mean other than the warm fuzzy feeling that you might spend the day changing somebody’s world? OK, how about this:

  • You’ll get to focus your knowledge like a lazer beam on a high-impact problem

  • You’ll meet other inspiring people who want to give up their time to create positive change

  • You’ll get to know those people by working together on solving a problem (imagine networking that didn’t suck and was actually exciting, fun, with an altruistic output) — dare I say a few friendships may even be born

  • You’ll experience a new way of working you can take back to your day job

  • The winning team will receive the (soon to be coveted) Mindjam trophy

That’s it. So are you in?

It’s a volunteer initiative for people who want to try and help a charity by sharing their knowledge.


Great, it’s sounding pretty exciting, can I take part?

We’d love you to! We’re looking for anyone with experience in applied psychology, user experience design or design thinking. If that’s you, check out the quick apply form here.


Where and when?


  • The British Red Cross, 5 mins walk from Moorgate station

  • Friday 2nd February 2018, 9am — 5pm

How do I get involved?

Fill in the quick apply form here and stay tuned for more updates on the run up to Mindjam!

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