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Spreading positivity during trying times

There's no denying that we're all having a difficult time at the moment. People are being negatively impacted by the coronavirus in a whole host of different ways, whether they contract the illness themselves or know someone who has, they're struggling with being cooped up at home all day every day, or their financial situation has changed.

As a business owner, it can be difficult to work out how you should be marketing your venture at this time, because you will want to keep things afloat to support your family, as well as your employees. But you also need to be sensitive to what's going on in the wider world.

One of the best ways to remind people that your company exists, but in an appropriate way, is to spread positivity with your marketing. This can help to cheer your customers up so they'll be able to weather the storm more easily, and it will ensure they keep you in mind so, whether they need to make a purchase during the pandemic, or when things return to normal, they might just think of you. Here are my top tips for spreading positivity with your marketing during uncertain times.

Shout about any charitable work you're doing

If there's a silver lining to the coronavirus outbreak, it's that companies and individuals have shown up to help out. And, understandably, the public have rallied round those who are out there doing good. So, if you're doing any charitable work during this time, it's well worth shouting about it. Customers will remember how companies responded to what's going on at the moment and, while we all have a duty to do what we can regardless, it will also pay to be in people's good books once things get back to normal.

Fashion labels such as Barbour and Louis Vuitton are making PPE for healthcare staff, retailers are donating a percentage of their proceeds to relevant charities, and some stores are even offering generous discounts to NHS workers. If you can do something along these lines, you should — and make sure you let everyone know about it.

Use your mailing list to keep people up to date

While your customers are sure to have bigger things to worry about at the moment, they might also have some questions about the way your business will be running during the pandemic. So, make sure you give them one less thing to worry about by keeping them updated via email.

People will want to know whether you're still operating, how your opening times have changed if you are, and what you're doing to keep your staff and customers safe. They'll also want to know when their deliveries will realistically arrive, whether you're offering any promotions at the moment, and how you're supporting your workers during this troubling time. The more information your customers have, the more confident they'll be about shopping with you. And putting some of their worries to rest is sure to be appreciated.

Share uplifting posts and videos through social media

You can barely get away from the negative news that's constantly circulating at the moment, so why not give your customers and online followers a break by posting more uplifting stories on your social accounts? As I've mentioned, the only silver lining to the current situation is that people have really come together to help each other out. So, among the negative reports, there are plenty of stories that show there's still a lot of good in the world.

One of the ways in which you can spread positivity is by sharing these positive news stories! Videos are going to be the most emotive, but articles are great, too. A simple tweet or Instagram post sharing a positive story could be what your customer need to bring some light to their day, and they're sure to remember how you kept their spirits up once this is all over.

This is a difficult time for everyone, which means it can be difficult to work out how you should be marketing your business at the moment. But you will be looking for ways to keep your venture afloat, and spreading positivity during the coronavirus outbreak can help people, while ensuring that they're reminded that your company exists.

By Jonathan Birch, Creative Director at the SEO and digital marketing agency Glass Digital. He's well-versed in helping to ensure campaigns have the most appropriate tone and are taken in the right direction.

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