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Locked-down? It's time to up-skill.

By Sarah Ross, Anicca Digital

The digital landscape is constantly evolving and as marketers, we need to keep up to ensure the best results for our clients.

In the last couple of weeks alone, audience behaviour has altered dramatically, forcing us to adapt our techniques to reflect the new reality coronavirus (COVID-19) has created.

At Anicca Digital, we’re big on updating our skills and adapting to an ever-changing digital world.

While our training workshops and knowledge sharing meet-ups are on hold during lockdown, we’re embracing our time indoors by updating our skills.

We’ve created an online resource featuring webinars, online courses and virtual conferences to keep our skills razor sharp.

Here’s our pick of the top five:

Great for… enhancing your PR know-how

You only have to look at the current global situation to know that a crisis can strike at any moment, but are you prepared to guide your clients through one? Cision Webinars are a great place to start if you want to look at how other brands handle a crisis or turn negative coverage to their advantage.

Operation Matterhorn: Bringing 150,000 people home examines the fallout following the collapse of Thomas Cook and the role of comms during the crisis, while When gross becomes mainstream: The story behind the Whitechapel fatberg looks at turning a negative story into positive coverage.

Great for… catching up on the latest SEO tactics

Conferences are a no-no right now, but this is the next best thing for SEOs and it’s completely free to sign up. SEO4Life has a line-up of eight speakers, including representatives from Google and Bing, and will feature Q&A sessions after each lecture to ensure that all-important interactive feel. Topics include techie subjects like web migration and Javascript, as well as broader subjects like Google’s transformation from search engine to answer engine.

Great for… upping your tech skills

It’s easy to learn basic coding skills with this handy app. Grasshopper is perfect for anyone who isn’t techie, but wants to have some basic knowledge of the building blocks that make up code. The best part is that you can use it for free on your phone or laptop, making it bite-sized learning that is ideal for lunchtimes.

Great for… livening up your social content

Perfect for anyone who needs to adapt their digital marketing skills for a wide range of tasks. If you find yourself in need of ideas to enhance the visual content for your website or your social media channels then the Canva Design School is a great place to start. It features a series of videos that cover everything from basic design principles to creating social content with real wow-factor.

Great for… link earning inspo

Link earning is tough! Get to grips with how to create and use content effectively in order to build links back to your website with a three-hour outREACH workshop. There are two sessions running in April - both completely free – with the first dedicated to providing actionable tips for brands and the second designed for agencies. Both will cover how to come up with link worthy campaign ideas and refining your outreach strategy.

For more online learning inspiration, visit the Anicca Digital blog, which is updated weekly with the latest digital marketing courses and webinars.

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