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The Power of Brand Partnerships

Been thinking about the benefits of brand partnerships recently? Or maybe you know a partnership could work, but you just don't know who to partner with?

The on-demand laundry service, Laundrapp, joined forces with Mumsnet, the popular online community for parents, at the hight of lockdown to help ease the load for mums and dads alike. We chat to Angela Freeth, Marketing Campaigns Manager at Laundrapp and Charlotte Babbs, Head of Brand Licensing at Mumsnet, to find out what's really at the heart of a successful brand partnership and how to ensure both parties benefit, as well as the all important end customer.

Finding the Right Partnership

How did you ensure you were partnering with the right brand? What are the most important things to consider before going into partnership?

Angela Freeth, Laundrapp: It’s essential to choose a partner that’s relevant to your brand. Mismatched partnerships will probably confuse your audience and may seem contrived. To make sure they’re the right fit, we consider two things: who are their customers and does the brand align with Laundrapp’s brand personality and style?

We knew that Mumsnet was the perfect fit because they share key goals with us. Primarily, they exist to help their readers, and their customer base is made up of busy working parents with lots of priorities to juggle. We believe our service would be incredibly valuable to them and Mumsnet is a platform they would trust to learn about solutions like ours.

In addition, Mumsnet and their online community are very engaged and outspoken about issues that matter to them. We felt their users would respond well to our bold and punchy tone of voice and we saw an opportunity to create a two-way dialogue with them. With this in mind, we’re giving 30 users and four Mumsnet approved influencers the chance to try the service for free and share their experience on the Mumsnet platform.

Charlotte Babbs, Mumsnet: Our mission is to 'make parents’ lives easier', so for us it is about choosing brands whose purpose and products chime with that. Laundry looms very large indeed in any inventory of domestic chores, and Laundrapp offers a clear and useful solution to this need. This partnership also came to fruition at a time when many parents on our network were struggling with the ‘lockdown load’, juggling homeschooling, housework, work and all the stresses of living through a global pandemic with a family, so this collaboration was very timely.

The Power of Brand Partnerships

What impact does brand partnership have - how can it add value and benefit a brand? How do you ensure both sides of the partnership benefit?

Angela Freeth, Laundrapp: A key benefit of working with a brand partner is that, similar to a friends’ recommendation, they’re providing you with an endorsement and warm introduction to their customers. Working with a reputable, established brand can also create positive associations with your brand.

Mumsnet was a paid partnership but unpaid partnerships can also provide great value as each brand provides reciprocal benefits at a lower cost than traditional acquisition activities. For example, you can utilise each others’ owned channels (social and CRM) or run a joint competition on paid channels. This gives you twice the reach and value, whilst keeping costs low.

Charlotte Babbs, Mumsnet: We’ve been building trust with our users for over 20 years, and they identify strongly with our platform. They go above and beyond for each other - sharing tips, recommending favourite products and giving advice and support - because they know they can help another parent. Brand partners can tap into this as well as benefiting from our reach. For us, helping our users with their daily ‘to-do lists’ reflects our mission to make their lives easier and is a key part of our aim of being truly useful for parents.

Adding Value to the Consumer

How do you ensure that a partnership can also benefit and add value to the end consumer?

Angela Freeth, Laundrapp: Partnerships are a great way to fill a service gap or provide a complementary service that you may not be able to provide to customers yourself.

It was funny, Charlotte and I had decided to reach out to each other at the same time because we’d both realised that parents and families would be amongst those in society who’d benefit the most from our services during lockdown. The Mumsnet team had seen comments from parents saying they were struggling to keep on top of everything, and some users had even recommended Laundrapp as a solution.

Aside from the more tangible benefit of the free trial we’re also sponsoring an article on the Mumsnet site which is all about laundry and cleaning hacks. Together Mumsnet and Laundrapp are providing knowledge to allow users to help themselves, but also to highlight the option to have Laundrapp lighten the load for them.

Charlotte Babbs, Mumsnet: For us at Mumsnet, the two things should work in synergy.

An effective partnership serves our users’ needs, which means that the partner gets a brilliant response. Every partnership starts with the users in mind. We ask what their needs are, search for insights, and find out what the pain points are. From there, we develop a bespoke proposal which delivers on Mumsnet’s mission while also delivering on the brand’s core objectives.

As Angela has touched on as well, the partnership with Laundrapp has really met all of our goals we aspire to achieve through our partnerships and I think is really adding value to users through advice and tips, as well allowing Laundrapp to reach new and relevant audiences.

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