Do creative briefs need to be more creative?

So let's talk about that moment, the briefing moment - the time you are informed, exactly just what is needed. You're handed a brief, you interpret the brief, and like Maverick out of Top Gun, you save the day. Right?

Every agency has a different way of working and they are all trying to nail down 'the perfect brief'. However, the final output of a creative project is often only ever as good as the brief. So, does the creative brief as we know it, need to be... well... more creative?

Every creative job a designer/creative works on is individual. The problem you're trying to solve is new, it hasn't happened before and the solution you need to create must be original, fresh and different. So, is a 'one size fits all' brief the best method?

For example, on a brief you might be told 'you are going to be designing a 28 page brochure...' but what makes the client think that this is best solution to their problem? You wouldn't walk into a doctors and prescribe yourself medication to fix yourself, would you?

So, should it be that clients just tell us the problem their business faces and the designers tell them the best output to solve it? Maybe it's not the brochure they originally thought, maybe it's a guerrilla advertising campaign instead, or a digital marketing campaign?

What do you think of the briefs you use? Have you got 'the winning formula' or do you work a little bit differently?

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