• Bex Highfield

Spotify giving us all the 90’s feels

Using nostalgia is a powerful way for brands to ensure an impactful marketing campaign. We have previously explored how by harnessing The Remembering Self and memory design, brands can succeed in evoking powerful memories.

Spotify’s new campaign ‘Listen Like You Used To’ has been designed to evoke all our nostalgic music feels from the 80s and 90s! (Think The Spice Girls and UB40!)

This campaign includes a variety of simple yet eye-catching designs, and through very clever use of copywriting, they’re wanting to attract the attention of listeners from 1979 and 1999. Based on the knowledge that once a listener reaches their thirties, they begin to return to music that was popular when they were “coming of age”.

With the collection of ads referring to different bands throughout the eras, this statement marketing campaign aims to remind users how things have changed over time, but their classic songs and favourite bands have remained the same.

Using a mixture of on and offline marketing techniques, Spotify have already created a storm across Twitter and have got many Londoners talking as a result of their bold creative displayed on billboards and busses. Spotify have succeeded again at another disruptive marketing campaign!

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