• Georgia Hatton

Hermes Launches AR Tech to Make Parcels Personal Again

Hermes UK, the leading consumer delivery company, is introducing innovative technology aimed at bringing people together by enabling the sender of a parcel to connect with its recipient through a personal video message. Hermes Play, which was created within Hermes’ Innovation Lab, allows the sender to pre- record a personal message which is then uploaded via the Hermes Send app. A 2D barcode (similar to a QR code) is then created which is added to the parcel label. The parcel recipient is then invited to scan the code and watch the video message on their phone or tablet. The video uses augmented reality to bring the parcel to life so that the video plays on top of the parcel itself! All videos will be saved for 30 days and can be downloaded and shared on social media. It will be available to anyone using the Hermes Send app (previously myHermes) later on in the year and is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. It will then be rolled out to Hermes’ retail customers who will be able to use it to further personalise their service, offer promotions or highlight areas of interest.

In a bid to make parcels personal again, Hermes are thinking of new ways to create experiences for their customers. By reinforcing surprise and delight, Hermes are creating brand affinity and boosting customer loyalty. A unique proposition for its market, we love how Hermes is channelling technology to provide added value to their customers and stand out amongst competitors. Martijn de Lange, CEO at Hermes UK, said: “It’s designed to create a personal connection and make the experience of sending and receiving a parcel just that little bit more special!” - and we couldn't agree more!


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