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Using podcasts to build your brand

Podcasts can be an extremely useful way to grow a brand. Whilst they are not new, they have seen a recent rise in popularity. Historically, brand involvement would be limited to sponsorship ads. Now realising they can capitalise themselves, brands are venturing into the podcast world. Podcast audience’s are captured listeners, perfect to reinforce brand messaging. It also provides powerful analytics insight, helping to create better content.

We recently found the new podcast from Pretty Little Thing: Behind Closed Doors. The team sit down with guests, discussing everything from social media to the pressures of success. Using their brand endorsers such as Maya Jama and Ashley Graham, the brand try to reveal the inside scoop. What grabbed our attention was how easily digestible the content was. We were able to put a face (voice) to the brand as well as the different celebrities. We thought it was a great way for the brand to elevate themselves and reach a larger audience. We follow them on social and receive their emails, but this was a more personal brand experience. Showcasing themselves informally and like you’re listening to your friends talk. A great way to publicise new collaborations, and connect the brands voice to their new ranges.

A great alternative to video, and providing a trusted platform to allow a message to be heard. Also a good way to introduce the brand to the audience, positioning themselves as industry experts. There is something more human and personable about listening to a friendly conversation. Being able to put a voice to a brand makes it seem more physical and honest.

Podcasts reach a large and on-the-go audience, including people who may not usually interact with the brand. Also serving as a great engagement tool. To answer FAQ’s, and discuss topics which listeners wouldn’t otherwise know. They can also be an easy source of content for brands. Not only the podcasts as is, but with the flexibility of repurposing into blog and social posts. When using their endorsers, this can be used as further content; for customers to relate to and engage with.

With podcasts becoming more popular, we have kept an eye out for retailers doing the same thing. It seems PLT is currently the only fashion retailer using this angle for a podcast. We are loving their USP, using endorsers whilst discussing current and trending topics. Keep them coming PLT we are big fans!

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