#1MinuteRead: Instagram’s Accessibility Feature

Instagram recently announced their new feature of allowing users the ability to add custom alternative text to their images. This is designed to improve the user experience for the visually impaired and for those using screen readers. Although this was announced in 2018 the platform have now developed a new tool which will automatically scan the image and use recognition techniques to generate image descriptions. Screen readers will now be able to list all written items that photos may contain whilst using the app.

Keeping ahead of the digital curve is vital, we recently posted about ASOS including image descriptions on their Instagram posts, which supported digital accessibility. So for the app itself to continue to push this even further is great!

What does this mean for SEO?

Instagram will now be the first platform to publish content which can be read by Google, which will help with SEO efforts and enable Instagram content to live and be discovered beyond Instagram!

That’s not all. Alt text will also improve your feed.

Instagram’s algorithm will be able to determined what an image is of, meaning they can show users more of what they like. Alt text in Instagram will enable the ‘Insta robots’ to get stronger and provide users with a more engaging experience.

But, we do wonder... Is this functionality more for brands than the average millennial user? It will be interesting to see usage stats in a few months time. Watch this space.

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