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The In-House Agency was recently founded by Creative Director, Nicola Foster. This mobile creative agency travels across Australia in its orange VW camper van to provide brands and companies with an authentic 'in-house' experience. Providing tailored creative solutions for different business' down under, The In-House Agency prides itself on working with business, rather than for them.

The In House Agency on... inspiration.

Marketing Island: What inspired you to come up with the idea of The In-House Agency and your mobile VW?

The In-House Agency: I spent three years as Creative Director at an ASX listed company setting up a successful agency model. It drove successive years of profit and marketshare growth without ever compromising on the creative product. It’s this success that inspired me to start my own In-house Agency. I wanted to be disruptive in the industry. The Kombi demonstrates our core offer of being mobile and coming in-house. I want the business to be a ‘stand out’ from any other offer. It’s a different way in the door and once we are in-side that’s when magic happens. Anyway, who doesn’t love a Kombi?

The In-House Agency on… the benefits.

Marketing Island: How do your clients benefit from working with The In House Agency versus using a more traditional agency?

The In-House Agency: There are three important benefits for our clients. The first one being value. Because we come in-house the client has access to creative heads without the overheads. We don’t charge any loading or top end agency fees. The second benefit is brand consistency. We work cross functionally and collaborate together with the core stakeholders so we are able to deliver truly inspiring brand stories to engage customers across all media channels and maintain the campaign consistency throughout. Then there is efficiency.

There are fewer delays, no miscommunication, no ‘middle men’. By getting to know the product or service from the inside, enables us to align the clients goals with ours. This guarantees better results.

The In-House Agency on… the limit.

Marketing Island: The In House Agency is mobile, but are there any limits to how far you can go?

The In-House Agency: We will travel anywhere within Australia as long as it will offer value to the client and also to us. I have been asked to come to the US but I think that’s a little far for the Kombi to drive at the moment.

The In-House Agency on… the future.

Marketing Island: What are your expansion plans for The In House Agency? Do you see this being a global project in the future?

The In House Agency: My initial focus is to establish the business model locally. Then the goal is to package it up for international markets.

The In-House Agency on… life before the van.

Marketing Island: What were you doing before you launched The In House Agency and what made you take the jump?

The In-House Agency: I mentioned earlier of working for an ASX listed international

outdoor brand. There is a limit to your career growth when you operate within a company where you are at the pinnacle of your profession. There were a few key moments that made me realise that my future role and vision were greater than the path I was currently on.

I had already demonstrated great success with my In-house Agency model so taking the leap to go out on my own and package it up in a unique way was a natural progression for me. Now I can see how this can grow and there are no limits to where I can take it. I have a clear vision, its a very exciting time for me.

The In House Agency on… making the cut.

Marketing Island: The idea is a unique one, how did you find your ‘In-Housemates’ and what does someone need to make the cut?

The In-House Agency: I hand-pick the creative and strategic talent based on their exemplary reputation and dedication to their craft. Being positive, approachable and an effective communicator are qualities high on a skill set that I require for my team. The In-house Agency is about building relationships with our clients, to build trust so good dynamics are crucial for our creative culture.

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