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The Power of the Hand Written Letter

One of the hardest challenges for brand marketers is getting people to notice them. The average office worker receives 122 emails and is exposed to 5000 ads per day. Standing out as a brand and connecting with a consumer purposefully can be difficult. While email marketers strategise ways of increasing their open rates, printers use bright colours and considered layout in a bid to capture the attention of their recipients. However, despite best efforts, these techy and mass produced comms are often perceived as unpersonalised and fall on deaf ears. Are us marketers trying too hard with samey and irrelevant communications?

Forget Campaign Monitor and MailChimp, Inkpact are a company who transform ‘same-old’ digital communications into unique handwritten letters. Inkpact pride themselves on H2H marketing - human to human. By crowdsourcing individuals with beautiful handwriting from across the country, Inkpact claim a 100% open rate and an 80% conversion rate.

Inkpact offer brands the opportunity to personalise letterheads with logos and design before inviting them to upload their message and contacts list. Ideal for customer service, brand engagement or promotions, it even links with CRM platforms such as Salesforce.

Working with charities, Inkpact also pride themselves on a deep rooted ethos by giving prisoners and the ex-homeless opportunities and work in the form of writing these personalised letters.

Five reasons why the hand written note works:

  • It makes meaningful connections. A target audience becomes individual people and the sender brand becomes human. The handwritten letter is not only drenched with considered novelty, but also with character and effort.

  • A handwritten note takes time to write and therefore feels intimate; people feel compelled to respond to a handwritten letter, it’s a societal norm of reciprocity.

  • People also keep handwritten letters around for longer (think sticking it on the fridge door) meaning the brand and key message is in the mind’s eye of the recipient (and the recipient’s guests) for longer.

  • Handwritten notes also have a share-ability factor. Recipients of a handwritten letter are more likely to take a photograph to share on social media than those who receive digital or printed flyers; amplifying reach further.

  • Oh, and not to mention the surprise and delight factor! Think about how excited you get when you receive something unexpected in the mail. The curiosity gets the better of you - you just have to tear the packaging open.

So the next time you're reaching out to your fans and customers, think about doing things a little differently. Scrap the tech and throw it back to the ‘good ol’ day’ with a handwritten letter.

You can follow Inkpact on Instagram here.

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