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Marketing Island takes 2nd place at UKBA18

After months of waiting, The UK Blog Awards finally came around. After a long process of perfecting our entry, nervously awaiting the public vote, discovering we were shortlisted, and working our asses off to impress the judges, we were thrilled to find out Marketing Island had come second place in the PR, Marketing & Comms category for 2018.

Throughout the last seven months, we had been counting down the days until April 20th. We over-thought every last ounce of our blog, attended UKBA events and Twitter chats, hunted down the perfect dress, and stalked the judges, so this great news came as a sigh of relief and gush of happiness.

Still a young blog, we are over the moon to have come this far in just ten months. Although Marketing Island is a huge part of our lives, it is something we are only able to do in our spare time, along side full time jobs. So, to achieve something as great as this in such little time makes us feel extremely positive. As best friends, and professionals still thriving and developing in the industry, it's been an incredible start to our blogging journey.

After buying the perfect pair of heels and booking in the spray tan, we enjoyed an evening (and a lot of Prosecco) at The Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square in Mayfair. Surrounded by some of the top talent in the industry, we felt very proud. We worked so hard to be there and want to thank everyone who voted for us, who supported us, shared our articles or got involved over the past few months. We are truly grateful.

When we look back to just under a year ago when we first started out, it warms our hearts to see how far we've come. With a shoddy logo, limited content and no exact idea of where we were going, witnessing our growth and development brings smiles to our faces. We had disagreements along the way (is this palm tree too big or coconut too small?), but these only ever led to improvements. We now write consistently with a real vision for the path ahead. With brands and contributors on board, in recent months we have expanded our network considerably.

However, this is still just the beginning. There is, we promise you, plenty more to come. Just because the awards are over does not mean we are slowing down. In fact, we are only speeding up. Expect to see a lot more from us in the next year or so, we have big plans to come.

Here's to 12 hour days, endless working evenings, proof reading in our lunch breaks and never ending to do lists... there's plenty more to come, and the only way is up.

Here are some snaps from the evening:

But, for now, to reward ourselves, we've just booked a holiday in Croatia. To celebrate, to relax and to recuperate. After all, where else would we rather be than with each other, on the beach of a Mediterranean island.... 🌴

Thanks again everyone.... and WATCH THIS SPACE.


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