The Global Book Crit

Landing a job straight out of uni can be tricky. Markets are saturated and it seems the entire world is rushing to London in competition for the same jobs. Even once you've got your foot in the door, the marketing and advertising industry is notoriously dog-eat-dog. Therefore, standing out is key.

We've all seen the stories of third year students handing out CVs at Waterloo Station, or the recent grads sending creative CVs out in the form of a 12 pack of donuts. In this creative industry, demonstrating forward thinking and unique, out of the box ideas from the get go is important.

So, recently we caught up with two students, doing things a little differently. Katie Healy and Shivani Patel are two students studying Creative Advertising at the University of Lincoln. Due to graduate in September this year, these two girls have taken a bold approach in a bid to get noticed, build their profile, widen their network and most importantly, improve their work.

As part of their third year project, Katie and Shivani were set a brief requiring them to gain book crits from professionals within the industry. While their peers and fellow students flooded to London to chat up local advertising execs and creatives, Katie and Shivani found it hard to stand out in such a saturated and busy crowd. So, they did something different.

Demonstrating their true creativity, the girls refused to follow the crowd and instead initiated their own project: The Global Book Crit. Set to take them across the globe, the girls challenged themselves to see how far across the world they could get while chasing informative book crits.

With help from Twitter (student loans and some savings) the girls managed to secure meetings with AMV BBDO in Dubai, Young Rubicam in Milan, TBWA, GREY PARIS, DareWin and Ogilvy, all in Paris (now they are book crits worth going to)!

Documenting their journey on Twitter and Facebook, the girls mastered the art of storytelling. With engaging content and a fun as-it-happened story line, the girls showcased adventure and bravery beyond their comfort zone. Not only do they now have lots of tips and tricks from some of the best ad men and women in the global industry, but they now also have a profile.

"A lot of people see advertising creatives as pretentious, but every one of the creatives we have met along the way have been some of the kindest, most helpful people you could come across. How many other career paths would offer two students the chance to meet people offering book crits, free drinks, free meals and shared experiences from all over the world? We feel so blessed to have done this little venture and want to thank every single person that helped us in anyway. We can not explain how incredibly blessed we feel right now! THANK YOU."

The girls at a book crit in Paris with Andew Jolliffe.

So, what can we learn from these the two students who took it global? Be bold, be brave and truly define your difference. Be memorable. There's something to be said for go-getters and just-doers. Take the leap; ask for forgiveness and not permission.

You can follow Katie and Shivani's further journey on Twitter here. Keep you eyes peeled for the Global Book Crit vlog soon to launch on Facebook. Now back at university, the girls are set to continue their adventure in the UK. Watch this space!

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