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Halo Top ice cream: Their scoop to success

First thing's first, if you haven’t heard of Halo Top (where have you been?), get yourself down to Tesco, grab a tub (or three), and then continue reading.

Halo Top have soared to success over the past year, with their low calorie and protein rich ice cream selling in various flavours. Having been successful in America since 2012, the 'guilt-free' branded treat is now at its peak with its UK fan base.

In recent months, Halo Top's branding is everywhere, physically and digitally; mainly due to its ever so Instagramable marketing. Halo Top was created by a fitness and ice cream lover, so from the beginning it made sense to market to a similar audience. Halo Top recognised a current consumer trend amongst 24-35 year olds: healthy eating and lifestyle (think yoga, avocado and trendy raw food cafés). Using this demographic insight to spearhead their healthy USP, Halo Top have become sensationally popular with young professionals and alike.

Why they got it right:

  • Built a strong social media community through inspirational and aspirational imagery (think #Halotop)

  • Truly understood their audience demographic and current trends and catered their marketing strategy towards this.

  • Identified and shared a consistent key message across all their social media channels and marketing comms (low in calories and high in protein!)

  • Made themselves a relatable brand with a desirable USP (we all love guilt free indulging right?!)

  • Showcased their health values and ingredients honestly, demonstrating authenticity.

  • Ran with popping, colourful, youthful and feel good branding. A contemporary, yet approachable and non-intimidating brand attracted a desired demographic.

Halo Top have leveraged their unique nutritional qualities as the key driver in their marketing, using this as their USP to stand out alongside competitors.

The social strategy:


Unlike many other ice cream brands, Halo Top focused the majority of their marketing attention on social media; this positioned them as a digitally native brand. They understand that social media lends itself to brands with authentic personalities. Users feel connected with their social media accounts and are therefore often easily influenced by the relatable marketing they see. Halo Top took advantage of Facebook and Instagram's highly targeted advertising options ensuring relevant demographic reach and (we assume) a hefty ROI.


Their Instagram feed is full of clean, bright, playful and focused imagery. Their content features solely the ice-cream tubs on swirls of vibrant colours and backgrounds. Emphasis on eye catching imagery and GIFs has attracted a following of 27k in the UK alone.

As with most start ups using Instagram, Halo Top's partnerships have been key to their success. The brand recognises their social media audience, which is one of the strongest aspects to their marketing strategy. They have created a fan base of followers who want to spread the word and create buzz for the brand; through relatable marketing, Halo Top have created advocates.

Brands like Halo Top who are confident in highlighting their brand values and customer desires can benefit from highly engaging content marketing strategies. As social media lovers ourselves, we admit we love a brand who are able to engage with us through social media alone. Social platforms are a place we spend a lot of our time and we appreciate brands who provide us with value, without making us hunt for it.

Through clever content, Halo Top have us engaged and if they can do that through simple Instagram posts with sassy captions then quite frankly, we are sold.

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