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The Best Brand Trickery of April Fools Day 2018

Each year April Fools Day lands on the same date, we know it’s coming, yet we still fall for the same old tricks.

April Fools Day gives brands the chance to demonstrate authenticity and show their funny side. This year in particular we saw social media explode with hoax stunts. Some we fell for, some we saw straight through. Here’s the best brand trickery of 2018:

1. Boohoo

Our personal favourite. We all love a bit of The GC, right? And don't Boohoo know it.

2. Coca Cola

Jumping on that Millennial hype, Coca Cola launched avocado, sourdough and charcoal flavoured beverages. At least we can laugh at ourselves, right?

3. Lego

They're joking, but oh how this would be handy. We're sure all parents would agree?

4. KitKat

We'd use it.

5. Missguided

The Missguided dating app with f*ckboy filtering technology? We'd love to see this in action.

6. Heinz


7. Aldi

Rosemary & Garlic? Mint Sauce? We'll pass, thanks.

8. Burger King


9. Subway

Would you lick it?

10. Santander

Probably more reliable than the tube.

11. Emirates

I'm not sure if this would be cool, or scary? We're going with the latter.

12. McDonald's

On any other day, We'd believe this.

13. See Tickets

See Tickets didn't even feel the need to create a landing page for this funny stunt. The link out simply took us to Wikipedia: April Fools Day. We like it.

14. Gordon's Gin

Wishful thinking.

One of the great things about social media is that it gives brands the chance to show a less polished side; their human side. April Fools Day opens up the opportunity to humorously engage with an audience and get people talking. Despite April Fools days being a PR heaven, it's important to remain tone aware. A key understanding of your audience and current affairs is vital for creating a campaign that works rather than offends.

Get ahead of the game and start thinking about how you can turn heads next April Fools Day (aside from the old cling-film-toilet-seat-trick that is).

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