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The beer brand that puts Twitter at the heart of its CX

Quirky subscription box companies are popping up all over the place. From Cheese Posties to Birchbox, this recent trend has consumers revelling in these postal pick-me-ups. In this busy world of ours, the idea of a weekly or monthly subscription box dropping through the letter box comes as a nice surprise to some.

However, in this article, we explore one subscription service in particular: BeerBods. Sounds good already, right?

If you haven’t already heard of them, BeerBods are a boozy subscription service that send their parched subscribers 12 new and exciting beers every 12 weeks. Delivered to your door, BeerBods pride themselves on curating (and brewing) some of the countries finest craft ale and beer.

But, what we find most interesting about this unique offering is how BeerBods use social media as part of their USP.

With strict instruction on what order to drink the beer, BeerBods set out a schedule for their subscribers. Their customers are to drink a certain beer, every Thursday. On each and every Thursday, BeerBods host a Twitter chat, inviting all its loyal subscribers to get together for a 'live tasting' and to discuss the selected beer.

BeerBods are a great example of a brand really using social media, to be social!

A great way of forming a community and a strong relationship with their engaged subscribers, this Twitter chat proves to be an integral part of their business offering.

Explore more of the #BeerBods weekly chat here.

With large numbers of anticipating customers coming together for this weekly chat, BeerBods prove how attractive this kind of experience can be to a certain demographic.

BeerBods have demonstrated how social media can be used in a slightly unique way (aside from the usual content sharing strategy) to provide consumers with value and give them that little bit extra.

But, how did the people behind BeerBods come up with the idea and what spurred them on to create a Twitter fuelled offering? Matt, Founder of BeerBods, tells all:

"BeerBods began life as a few friends holding beer tastings in a shed. This was in 2011 when social media was really starting to take off. I just thought it would be a good idea to see if the tastings would work as well online as they did in the real world. I knew if they did, I could get a lot more people drinking better beer. Whilst it is a beer subscription service we've always thought of BeerBods as more of a beer club. We allow people to learn about and enjoy beer together. That's what makes us different to other online beer retailers. In 2016 the amount of beer people drank at home overtook the amount of beer drank in bars, pubs and restaurants, so keeping beer social in an online age is something we're passionate about. For many brands, social media and community building are afterthoughts managed by one department. For us, these things are at the very heart of our product and business model."

Next time you're reconsidering your brand, think about how social media can advance your product offering, community realm and provide added value to your customers.

Follow BeerBods on Twitter here.

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