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Virgin Trains Launch a 'Millennial Avocard'

A light-hearted joke or a patronising marketing fail? Yes, #Avocard is now a thing. Virgin Trains have announced they are offering those aged 26-30 a third off their train journey’s if they present an avocado at the station (no, we are not joking).

“Instead of presenting the official railcard when buying a ticket, you will instead just need to present an avocado to get the same discount”

Virgin Trains have responded saying it was meant to be an innocent way of helping people who missed out on their recent young persons rail card.

This marketing offer has infuriated many millennials on social media, who have accused the company of patronising them and creating a condescending marketing stunt.

Was this a marketing ploy executed by Virgin Trains just to gain exposure or did they really think Millennial consumers would resonate with this trendy novelty?

Either way, just like fruit, this brand offer will soon expire as the promotion runs out on the 20th March 2018.


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