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FCK: Marketers Turning a Crisis into a Triumph

2018: The year of the chicken crisis (yes, chicken make us happy, ok.)

As you've probably seen, in February this year, chicken from KFC’s suppliers became extremely limited. This caused most of the chain's British outlets to close their doors to the public.

As we know, the British public aren’t great when faced with frenzy situations like this, so taking their beloved chicken away from them was sure to cause controversy. Many were so upset they even called 999 in this ‘emergency’ situation. This caused the police to respond on social media by demanding all chicken related calls were stopped (are you surprised?!)

(To the officer with the GMP Whitefield's Twitter log ins, kudos for seeing the funny side!)

However, after all this chicken drama, KFC may actually bounce back in better shape and with a better brand reputation than before. Through talking to the national press, KFC embraced the problem honestly without hiding anything from the public.

This short, witty, and apologetic ad teaches brands that by holding your hands up, laughing at yourself and turning a sorry situation into an engaging PR stunt can spark positive conversation and engagement worldwide. By showing their human side and demonstrating creativity and boldness, KFC's 'come back ad' had the power to turn people into fans (and even customers).

The press ad was greatly received by consumers and marketers alike, gaining attention for the simple yet effective apology. By keeping their usual branding in tact, this ad was easily identifiable to the public. The brave yet humorous messaging was also attention grabbing yet transparent and meaningful.

Despite being a print ad, this stunt took the world of social media by storm and quickly went viral, marrying traditional and digital together. KFC were quick to respond on their social platforms too, creating a new landing page on their website which informed their customers on the status of the issue and confirmed which restaurants were re-opening - again assuring brand transparency with the public.

KFC have set the bar high with their quick response to this crisis, through reassurance, honesty and publicity they have shown the importance of a quality and timely response strategy.


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