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How to stand out in the inbox this Valentines

Stand out in the inbox this Valentines Day

As we speak, heart shaped everything is being sent all over the world. Over the past week designers have been working their socks off for their clients perfecting that Valentines pink to use in their emails.

Just like the day itself, your Valentines emails should be filled with LOVE and your subject line is the door to all your subscriber's hearts! Short, witty, and persuasive subject lines should grab the recipients attention and urge them to take action and open. So we share some of our very own Marketing Island Valentines subject line ideas:

1. Valentines chocolate is goooood. (But this is better)

2. Wine me, dine me, open me! 💌

3. Not impressed with your date? We promise to impress.

4. Email? Oh no, we're bringing back the love letter.

5. Treating yourself is more fun this Galentines 💝

6. We're in love! (With these deals)

7. Red Hot (deals) and steamy (offers)

8. *Blushing* These Valentine's deals are hot!

9. Lovestruck? We can help with gift ideas 🎁

10. Hey hot stuff, open me for your Valentines offer!

No matter what sector your brand is in, a well thought through subject line will help your email stand out from the overcrowded Valentines inbox. Essentially, if you know your audience, tailor it to them! If they like humour...be funny! If your product or service is more serious then there's nothing wrong with honestly, why lure them in with chocolates and flowers if you're selling them a hoover!

Remember, be fun and be reactive!

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