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The #280character Controversy

Twitter have recently changed their tweet limit from 140 to 280 characters. They voiced how a longer character count will allow users to express more of their thoughts without running out of room, but wasn’t the 140 limit one of Twitter’s defining characteristics?

Twitter explain the reasoning behind the madness, emphasising that users who have more room to Tweet receive higher engagement (likes, retweets, mentions and followers) and therefore spend more time on the app. They also revealed that in an experiment, users with access to a higher character limit felt more satisfied with expressing themselves. Users also stated they felt more fulfilled with their ability to find good content on the platform and reported an overall improved Twitter experience.

As brands now also have access to this feature we have seen lots of Tweeting experiments take place, testing how followers react. Here are examples of a few brands that jumped on the bandwagon and extended their Tweets, but was this for the better or the worse?

1. Spotify

2. Burger King

3. World Wildlife

4. TGI Fridays

So, what can we take from this? Essentially, don’t be a donut. If you don’t have anything relevant to say, don't say anything at all. Twitter's very USP is the fact it's a micro-blogging platform; one that challenges users to converse within a limit. Getting your point across quickly and precisely is still important. Don't blab, think about what your followers really want to see. What gives them value?

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