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The Millennial Museum

The “Museum of Ice Cream”. So what is this exactly?

As a 'Millennial' myself, I can vouch for how important sharing experiences on social media is. After all, did you even go to that super cool Shoreditch event if you didn’t Instagram it? Did you even have a good night out without 4 attempts at the perfect Boomerang? We’ve all secretly been there.

Understanding how important social media platforms are to our generation, a new concept of pop-up museums are finding their way on the scene. These staged exhibits are designed specifically for taking the slightly cliche, yet weird and wonderful selfies everyone wants to share on Instagram (unicorns, ice-cream, glitter...you get the picture). Whilst this new museum is neither a shop or an ice cream parlour, both are available at the event space.

Behind the San Fransisco based Museum of Ice Cream is 25 year old Maryellis Bunn. She describes the idea as a way of connecting with the millennial audience in an experiential space.

Inside, visitors are treated to a variety of interactive and Instagramable experiences. Each room has been inspired by Bunn's, own childhood ideas. She describes how she grew up by the ocean and thought it would be amazing if it were full of sprinkles you could swim in! The space includes a candy garden, a 'cherry-on-top sky' and a Pop Rocks cave.

It’s not only us normal folk who want selfies in pools of fake sprinkles and pretty indoor swings, this pop-up venue has been visited by the likes of Gwen Stefani, The Beckhams, and The Kardashians! By creating something incredibly sharable, the Museum of Ice Cream has hit the ground running. Word of the creative exhibition has spread like wildfire across social channels. Bunn ensured her exhibition made the most of social media marketing by encouraging user generated content.

Let's take a look inside...

A childhood dream or a clever art entrepreneur?

Very very clever. If you're ahead of the digital game and create something you foresee as being a huge success, then you're winning! The experience has been created as a novelty, to portray how something can be enjoyed both on and offline. By identifying popular trends and understanding the behaviours of a defined demographic, this American artist has created an extremely attractive experience.

My only questions is, when will this cool creative bring the Museum of Ice Cream to the U.K?

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