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The Holiday Season: How early is too early?

Are you prepped for the Holiday season? Should we even be talking about Christmas this early? Is 14 consecutive mince pies in one sitting too many? Oh so many questions.

While many of us wish Christmas could be all year round, for brands it’s often best to just focus on one season at a time.

Throughout the year it’s a good idea to keep a firm eye on your competitors and their marketing strategy, while also analysing how well your previous festive campaigns preformed. However, sending out Christmas communications prior to September may lead to repercussions for your brand. The main drawback could be an increase in email unsubscribes; receiving a Christmas related email in July may cause people to click that unsub CTA before even acknowledging your email content.

So which brands have been getting in there early this year? Let’s go through some of the earliest I have received so far:

Email 1

Brand: Bounce Ping Pong

Date received: 5th July 2017 (!)

Subject line: Best thing to plan when it's 30 degrees outside?

Email 2

Brand: The encore

Date received: 8th July 2017

Subject line: Christmas is c̶o̶m̶i̶n̶g̶ inevitable…

Email 3

Brand: Liberty London

Date received: 2nd September 2017

Subject line: The Christmas Shop is now open

Email 4

Brand: The Alchemist

Date received: 8th September 2017

Subject line: NO SHERRY FOR SANTA 🎅🏽 🚫

Email 5

Brand: Very

Date received: 16th September 2017

Subject line: Calling all Christmas early-birds! 🎄

Call me scrooge (I do love Christmas, I promise), but I don't want to see Christmas trees in my inbox in the middle of summer, let me get my tan game on first.

I'll accept your premature festive emails in September, because by now I've given up all hope on the so called British sun. Call me cliche but I am now truly ready for excessive layering and Costa's annual white hot chocolate launch.


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