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#1MinuteRead: Down In The Auto-DMs 👎

Why do I hold such a deep rooted grudge against auto-DMs?

They are false.

...and we all know it. Who are you trying to kid? There is nothing, absolutely and outrightly nothing, personable about an auto-DM. They scream commercial and robotic, they are cheesy (and quite frankly they make me cringe).

Auto-DMs are ruining your brand or self-brand. When I receive an auto-DM 101% of the time I will not open it. 102% of the time my skin crawls. Auto-DMs are not individual, never tailored to an individual and will therefore, very rarely provide anything of any value to your new follower.

So, I ask you now, drop the auto-DMs, quit the act. You’re putting us off.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, social media is about authenticity, about being human. It’s about being sociable, and I mean really sociable. Genuine conversation and authentic relationship building is what truly engages users. Focus on portraying your brand or self-brand as one with emotion; show you are present and engaged in the moment. A genuine reply to a Tweet three weeks after a follow will get you a whole lot further than an auto-DM twenty seconds after… I promise.

Give it a go.

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