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ASOS Roll Out Innovative App Feature (Thank you🙌)

How many times have you seen an outfit or item of clothing you NEED worn by a blogger, a friend or a celebrity whilst stalking an Instagram account? Yep, we can all admit to that one, right?

Well, ASOS fans everywhere will be overjoyed at the new addition to their app. The online store have created a new function making it simple for you to find that dreamy dress a friend of a friend was wearing on Saturday night in that photo they uploaded to Facebook!

The innovative app lets you search for items using photos in your library, or straight from your phones camera. The new feature will then reveal results from the ASOS catalogue which could either be an exact match or very similar to the item you are searching for.

Here is how it works:

  1. Download the most recent version of the app (This feature is only currently available on the IOS version, but they are hoping to roll it out to Android soon.)

  2. Use the search section within the app - the second icon at the bottom.

  3. Use the camera icon and choose whether you would like to upload a photo from your library or your camera - give ASOS permission for either.

  4. Choose the photo you’d like to use or take one to upload and search.

  5. Scroll through the results and add to your basket. 💸

I'm sure this forward-thinking functionality will be the start of a new trend that other brands soon make use of. John Lewis are an example of another retail brand capitalising on this new tech; it seems this innovative functionality is truly adding value to in-app consumer experiences.

Enjoy your outfit stalking! 👗

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