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Is Simplicity The Best Email Design Approach?

Stutterheim Raincoats.

What’s so special about a raincoat I hear you cry? Well...their strategy takes me by storm (sorry I had to).

The brand

This luxury rainwear brand is a huge success with the likes of Kanye West, Jay-Z and Paloma Faith all being big fans of their high end jackets. This Swedish brand was founded by Alexander Stutterheim and carries a touching backstory behind the raincoats you see today. Stutterheim came across his Grandfather’s raincoat and not being a fan of the current rainwear available to him, he decided to recreate this old coat with a contemporary spin.

The brand evolved with the core values of its location in Sweden, and the perception of weather and how this can affect people’s mood. It’s aim was to change this relationship, through talking about how creativity can influence melancholy.

Their approach

Through the use of simple yet sophisticated imagery, their strategy was to develop a photography language. Enabling the consumer to receive their emails and visit their webpage and feel the way the brand wants them to feel. This approach has taken them down the route of high quality imagery with the product being the main focus, the brand make a conscious decision to stand out in the inbox. They know what they are doing, and it shows how valuable an image can really be.

Why they’re winning

Using big eye catching imagery in their emails, which if you’re not invited to open by their great subject lines the images will put a smile on your face! They are very product focused and know their products are great so don’t have to ram every new feature down your throat! It’s so nice to open a clean non-cluttered email which is so easy to navigate.

Subject line: ❤️💛💚💙💜


Subject line: Back in stock: Pale Pink


Subject line: Mellow Yellow


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