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The Handwritten E-letter 💌

Think Clearly is a creative practice that make visions reality in the digital world. Starting with a pen and paper…

The man behind Think Clearly, Mathias Jakobsen, sends out a handwritten newsletters prompting the recipient to reflect on the way they are thinking and working.

Let’s have a look at some examples:

Off-balance conversations:

Your ideal role:

When the average inbox receives 100+ emails a day, it is great to receive something from someone who thinks a little outside the box. Not only are the emails visually interesting, but the content is also very thought provoking; just what a recipient sitting at their desk needs on a Thursday afternoon!

Who doesn't want to see little pick me ups like this? I do!

Think Clearly probes questions like ‘what is your ideal role?’ - something that isn’t thought about on a daily basis. Emails seem more personalised when they are designed this way, sometimes simplicity is best right?

If you would like to check out more of Think Clearly's email examples have a look here!

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