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Top of the POPS: Father's Day Email Designs

Father's Day is a huge opportunity for retailers to nail their email marketing strategy.

I've rounded up some emails with clever copy and dynamic designs to take a look at:


SL: Your Father's Day checklist.


- Enticing email

- Gift ideas and offers

What works:

The clean minimal design and structure of this email is really eye catching; the addition of the Father's Day related images make it clear what the brand is selling. The email flows easily for the reader and has great navigation for an overall effective user experience.

Brand: Not on the high street

SL: Gifts for dads who rule


- Nostalgia

- Pulls on heart strings

What works:

What sets this campaign apart from other Father’s Day emails is that it’s incredibly focused. They have only used 1 simple hero image making their USP obvious - personalisation. The copy has also been chosen thoughtfully, keeping the message simple and clear.

Brand: Kate Spade

SL: father’s day gifts that will make him smile


- Email focussed on great copy

- Gift ideas

What works:

Kate Spade are most known for their female handbag ranges so this is a nice male email addition. Showcasing their new male product range as the big hero image works well with the short and focused header. Followed by the clever copy to entice the reader on why they should purchase from them.

Brand: Penhaligon’s

SL: Receive A Complimentary Bath & Shower Gel

Live link: http://reporting.penhaligons.com/cgi-bin/view?a+39602-2+253502+18092+l%3D%24W%244lK_Zg_4Q%3DlSEW%24KTP4_W+6086+!DMAM!VC%24lH%3DgiV8%24y+!DMAMGVC%24lH%3Dgi8%24yVFtd


- Use of good images and GIF

- Gift ideas

What works:

This email begins with a good looking GIF keeping in theme of the brand, which also focuses on a product offer in the hero. Penhaligon's have used great imagery throughout the email which is very eye catching for the reader, teasing you to want to read more about their products from their witty CTA's.

If you’re helpful, creative and offer value with your marketing emails, you could be the company that your customers choose to buy their gifts from this year.

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