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The Importance of Personality in Email Marketing

That Little Brown Bag

For a while now, a friend of mine has been a religious Frank Body fan. With some persuasion, she finally got me to sign up (recent coffee convert here). This ecommerce only brand is a unique coffee based skin exfoliating scrub. Oh, and they have great email content. Let’s take a look…

Frank is in the skin care industry which is often known for a corporate and gentle approach to marketing. Not Frank! Going against the grain, this brand wanted to stand out. Through using a cheeky ToV they have very much succeeded in this.


Consistent branding through all platforms is key and this is something Frank does well. We can all agree that Frank’s personality and copy style is great, they have been brave and I LOVE this. It makes them stand out from the crowd in my inbox.

Frank’s secret is their content, knowing the right thing to say at the right time. The emails are inspired through their understanding of consumer’s interests and lifestyle. Basing their content around this common ground, they can adopt a more personal and friendly approach.

To be Frank…

I am completely sold on the fresh and vibrant look of Frank’s emails and its content. I love the unique style and engaging email vibe they give to their subscribers.

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