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But woke marketing is a tricky thing. Time and time again, we see otherwise savvy brands clumsily attempt to seem woke, only to eventually fall flat. Here are four examples of woke marketing gone wrong — approach with caution...

Hermes UK is introducing AR to bring people together by enabling the sender of a parcel to connect with its recipient through video message.

Marketing Island gets down and dirty with Good Girls Eat Dinner, a unique, powerful and female-centric community founded by JWT Creative Director.

Millennials are no longer the “next big thing”. We already know how to market to millennials, but do you know how to appeal to Generation Z?

Podcasts can be an extremely useful way to grow and elevate a brand. We are loving PLT's new Behind Closed Doors!

Instagram's new algorithm will be able to determine what an image is of, providing users with a more personalised and engaging experience.

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